Things are almost never as they seem.

Behind or under every rock, from every visible and invisible thing that exists in nature, there is an unexplainable and forgotten story behind it that has left its prints in the atmosphere around us.

A story that not even the most inspired writer could have thought of such an imaginative plot.

These stories compose a paradoxically colorful puzzle over the years, depicted in the bottom of things and dynamically stimulating the atmosphere. …Making the world enchanting, even more exciting.

Behind every beautiful image, thousands are drawn from the distant past. It is you, now, who will discover the other truth.

It is up to you to dive deeper into the imagination beyond the beautiful surface and enchant by listening to the exuberant secrets and truths of an existing but forgotten world. Are you ready for a great revelation? Are you ready for a dive in the history of the place?

Yes, you are the lucky one.

Do not turn your head right or left. I'm addressing you ... You, you think to come or not come. Where would you like to come but you do not know if it's worth it... Yet the place you chose has so much to tell you:

For love from a distance, for all-loving, unworthy loves. For insurmountable struggles for daily survival, battles in and out of castles, intrigue, strategies, trade, victories, defeats, extreme phenomena, lost civilizations, lost Atlantis. For glorious sunsets and angry seas. Even for the fairies of the sea, but also for knights with golden armor.

When you visit a place, you become a piece of history that is engraved everywhere. Are you ready to star in the summer project? With you as the hero and not only you today, from yesterday, from the distant past...

Now, you know that what you see right across from you, the medieval castle is not, simply, a castle. It is called # Kasteli.

It is one of the few castles in the world that is inhabited, even until today. But how hundreds of stories have been played in it and have left their fingerprints indelibly.

What you see stands over the centuries, do not you think, it speaks to you in its own way, with its own gloss. Initially, it gives you charm to watch it, to want to live moments from your own life.

He invites you silently to host you in his alleys, to get to see the famous architecture of his houses, which is so interesting, strangely constructive, to warm you in the winter and to cool you in the summer. ... It is a strange world that while living in today knows to love and remember the unsurpassed way of yesterday: When the houses were so sophisticated to one another, people closer than ever, then the # Porta * (Entrance) of the castle # Kastelli closed in the evenings by isolating them from any uninvited foreign visitor.

When the comforts did not exist but did not care for them, when the difficult daily routine did not allow them to think unnecessary, when the purpose was to sanctify the means. When pirates of all kinds could not reach them and survival was given a daily struggle.

Most of them did career in boats, highlighting Greek shipping, first in the world all. From here they started leaving a woman, mother and children for months to travel to distant continents, to come back at the end winners of untold adventures in difficult times.


history in an alternative way

Think, how many bitter stories weave the calm that exists today.

How many, hidden, and obvious heroes are digging up these images ... Think about how many generations of people have lived in the same incomparable way, refusing to compromise on the easy one today, keeping their traditions alive and their particular lifestyle

And Santorini remained in many places, what it was centuries before ... This is the magic of the island. This is the energy that continues to emerge.

A power, a passion, a charm for black and red, a stubbornness unparalleled to keep yesterday, as unchanging as it may be in the course of centuries.

Think of how beautiful it is to get up in the morning to hear the bell tower of the castle church, Saint Theodosia, slowly open, one by one the shutters of the castle houses, to bring the light of the sunrise to your room.

You know you're in # Nimborio # Santorini (#Thira), just 12 km from Fira, to the south of the beautiful island.

In what was left of it ... No earthquake was able to turn it off.In Emporio. Next to an enchanting and charmingly unique, black beach...

In # Perissa and # Perivolos ... Somewhere near Akrotiri there are ruins of ancient Thira.

Do you think you are over the lost Atlantis? Have you thought of that? What's under your feet? What does this black island want to tell you opposite Thira, with the blue-green coasts?

They call it # Thira? Was it so called? It has always been so - like, do you see it today? Or was it part of a larger island?

What you gave yourself is a unique journey of life.

A valuable memory experience. An amulet for the future. It is worth living it completely.

Understand that this place sent you a message of hospitality. He chose you, and you chose it. You are so welcome to this place that you cannot imagine what is being played behind your back to complete the reception of the reception.


Look around and see, please. You did not see the project as a whole: There are some ruins on your right ... They are not ruins. They are the ovens of the village. These old ovens are almost ready to reopen after decades. If you help a bit with the imagination you will see traditional breads baked in the stone oven and queues of people waiting to buy them for the daily table…


But you are there, first in the queue. With a simple spin of the head, you can see the baker with the white apron and the special white hat flourishing deliciously, fragrant breads ... The oven stays there, under the earth, through ruined stone ruins.


On the one hand, the medieval castle and on the other hand the old traditional stone oven of the village hidden under the earth ... And if you stand on the roof of the house unfold in front of you the huge beach of Perivolos with the bars and the wonderful summer Cocktails, fresh fruit salads ... And if you look up a little, the sea closes your eye and makes noises with its waves.


Whichever point on the horizon you choose, it has something to tell you and give you. A memory, a promise, another sense of life.

He held a handful of the black sand of the island and poured it into a drawer of memories. If you blow to scatter in the air, your wishes will come true.

It is enough to believe that life is built through the desires that are being done.

Have an unforgettable stay …Enjoy #RockVillas Life!