Life is rock. So are we.

We do only what we love.

We live for the adventure, the experience, the change, the interaction, the knowledge about the… ‘’journey’’ – and wherever it may take us.

We go with the flow. We love nature, history, tradition.

And we are not the only ones.

If you are in the same range, you are welcome.

We are here, as willing hosts, to open you the doors to unique places with our ‘’rock’’ signature.
We love Greece, its summer, its winter, everything traditional with a new point of view and the everyday travelers of life. We chose Santorini, Arachova and Palaios Agios Athanasios as some of the unique destinations that our beautiful country has to offer.

And there, we settled down for you to find us.

For us to find you. To meet.

To host you, to see things differently, together.

To exchange opinions, experiences, stories, myths, legends…

To become (you and us), our own heroes!

We welcome you to our houses, to feel yourselves at home!

Thank you for visiting our website,


Antigone Loumakou

Rock Dandy – Agios Athanasios, Pellas, Kaimaktsalan

  • 67 sq. meters
  • 1 Fireplace
  • Up to 6 guests

Rock Dandy is a stone-built house villa based in a small village, named Palaios Agios Athanasios. It is a two level house of 67 sq. meters, with a double bedroom, 2 sofa beds, 1 bathroom, a living room, a fully equipped kitchen and a fireplace.

Rock Villas – Emporio, Santorini

  • 240 sq. meters
  • Pool + HotTub
  • Up to 11 guests

Allow us to welcome you in our world, a world of beauty and history, full of sweet memories driven from the past entering today to a journey into luxury and calmness and simplicity where the modern meets tradition.
This is our world. This can be Your world!

Rock Dandy – Arachova, Delfi

  • 85 sq. meters
  • Sauna – Hydromassage
  • Up to 6guests

Rock Dandy is a house with a strong personality. It is a three-story stone-built villa in a small complex of houses, with an awesome view to the Oracle of Delphi. The view from the balconies and the porch is breathtaking.