Rock Villas Complex

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  • 240 sq. meters
  • 2 Jacuzzi + Spa
  • Up to 11 guests
  • Castle view

Rock Villas Complex

EOT Licence Number: ΕΣΛ - 1053955

Life ROCKS !
Hidden secrets, mystic places, the history behind the words, a magical place this is our story, let it begin …


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Allow us to welcome you in our world, a world of beauty and history, full of sweet memories driven from the past entering today to a journey into luxury and calmness and simplicity where the modern meets tradition.
This is our world. This can be Your world!

Welcome to ROCK Villas Complex in Emporio village.

The two level Villa ( Rock Villas Complex ) 240 sq. m can accommodate even the most demanding guests and can be rented as a whole or separately. ( Legend and Myth )
Both levels are equally and fully equipped to serve its tenants from breakfast till dinner under the candle lights, viewing on the right the remaining’s of the old bakery stand still untouched bringing back memories and aromas of freshly baked bread and local pastries
The Upper level "Rock Legend" with an open patio, terrace fully furnished and outdoor Jacuzzi. The interior hosts up to 7 persons, with 3 private bedrooms with queen beds and a spacious kitchen sitting area..
The lower part "Rock Myth" with an indoor jacuzzi, spacious kitchen sitting area, a large double bedroom and one romantic with single bedroom and "en suite" sitting area.
Both levels are decorated with art crafts and traditional elements, signature
eco-friendly bathroom and bedroom amenities.

Enjoy Rock Life!

Rock Villas Complex Facilities

  • 240 sq meters
  • Outdoor Jacuzzis 6 sq. meters
  • Full Equipped Yard
  • 2 Safeboxes
  • Mini Fridge
  • Free WiFi
  • Satelite TV
  • Audio Player
  • Internet TV
  • Laundry Machine
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen
  • Hairdryer
  • Iron
  • Outdoor hifi system
  • 4per Picnic basket
  • Maid Service every 2 days
  • Barbeque

There is a Private Parking Available for 2 cars, or we suggest you a Public Parking Area in 300 m. far away

In Santorini you came to see, to hear, and to feel with all your senses. You came to love and be loved. And if they ask you:
Why in Santorini and not somewhere else?

Because life is not predictable.