Rock Dandy Palios Agios Athanasios Kaimaktsalan

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  • Parking
  • Fireplace
  • Up to 6 guests
  • Double Bedrooms

Rock Dandy

Rock Dandy is a stone-built house villa based in a small village, named Palios Agios Athanasios. It is a two level house of 67 sq. meters, with a double bedroom, 2 sofa beds, 1 bathroom, a living room, a fully equipped kitchen and a fireplace. The whole space is beautifully decorated and offers unexpected luxury and comfort. The house can host up to six people, so it makes it suitable for families with kids and groups of friends. The house is located only 300-400 meters from the village’s center.

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About Rock Dandy

About Rock Dandy:

Μy name is Rock Dandy.

Do you want to know who am I?

Let me, please, introduce myself:


My full name is Rock Dandy, a dog with a name and a surname.


Rock because I am the spitting image of my mother. I think like she does.

Revolutionary and different.


Dandy because I am beautiful and nature lover like my dad. I am gonna be your ''man'' but in a dog’s shape!


I will accommodate you in my house.

I will make anything possible and try to keep you satisfied and happy.

Enjoy your staying.

Rock Dandy



Area description:

Rock Dandy is a stone-built villa located only 300 - 400 meters away from the center of Palaios Agios Athanasios. It is fully equipped with a living room, a kitchen, a dining table, A TV, dvd player, hifi, a fireplace, a double bedroom, two sofa beds and a bathroom with hydro massage.

Decoration mainly consisted of rock and wood. Bright colors prevail and give a joyful tone to the space. Its warmth and coziness will make you want to stay in and relax.

The modern pop art decoration may not fit perfectly with the traditional architecture but it is an alternative way of modern living - as we called “rock” living.

Our motto is “Life is Rock” and we believe it strongly.

The villa is situated almost at the center of Palaios Agios Athanasios. You can either take a walk so you can explore the area or you can take the car and visit other close destinations. Palaios Agios Athanasios is a traditional Greek village, with taverns, restaurants, coffee houses and gift shops.

The Kaimaktsalan Ski resort, based on Voras mountain, is a place that must definitely be visited, either if you are fans of skiing or not. Other destinations that are worth visiting are of course the Pozar baths, only 45 minutes away from Palaios Agios Athanasios, where you can enjoy the natural healing cascades and explore the area and for those who love nature, the traditional village of Nymfaio in Florina, only 50 km away, where you must definitely go to  the bear shelter ‘’Arktouros’’, visit some of the most famous wineries in Greece and take a walk at the oak forests of the area and finally ''Melanas Drymos'', in the city of Edessa, 30 km from Palaios Agios Athanasios is a great choice. The view of the artificial lake, the herons and the swans will reward you.



Other things to note:

At first, Rock Dandy will welcome you and then one of our colleagues will be waiting for you to deliver the keys and show you all the house's functions...Don’t forget to inform him/her early about the exact time of your arrival.

We are at your disposal any time of the day to solve any matter that comes up as an urgent.

Please, during your stay at the house, you will have to inform us whether you intend to use the fireplace and how often, in order to provide you with the corresponding amount of wood.

Please inform us on time, if possible.





Dear guests, the philosophy of short-term leases on houses is a new approach for journeys and short trips.

We would like to do our best for you to spend beautiful time and to visit us again with joy. In fact, we would like to really make yourselves at home!

But, we would like to draw your attention about the fireplace and all the other things in the house that increase its temperature and sometimes are dangerous for your health.

When you light up the fire, please be present during the whole time. When you put out the fire, be careful. Make sure that it is indeed off.

Do not use all the heaters with the oven or the microwave oven or other electrical device in the kitchen. The power might shut down.

Do not let the water heater on along with the heaters. Use the water heater only for as long as you need it. Before you leave the house, please check that you have locked the front door, you have closed the windows and have shut down the electrical devices and that you haven’t left the heaters and the floor heating on to the maximum level.

Lower the degrees that much, so you won’t be cold but also in order for the devices to not over-operate. As you would do at your home, as well.

Please, do not use candles for any reason and do not smoke inside the house. Rock Dandy We wish you a pleasant staying and we hope to have you with us again soon.

All the best,

Rock Dandy Team


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Rock Dandy Facilities

  • Parking
  • Living room
  • Full Equipped Yard
  • Air-conditions
  • Laptop friendly workspace
  • Fireplace
  • Microwave
  • 2 Sofa beds
  • 3 Plasma TVs
  • Hi-Fi
  • Hangers
  • Heating
  • Fully equipped Kitchen
  • Hairdryer
  • Safe box
  • Laundry machine
  • Iron
  • Essentials (Towels,Soap,Pillows etc.)
  • Christmas deco
  • Bathroom with hydro massage & WC
  • Hot water
  • Shampoo
  • Double Bedrooms
  • Bed linens

There is a Private Parking Available for 2 cars, or we suggest you a Public Parking Area in 300 m. far away

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Why in Santorini and not somewhere else?

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